Sector for cultural work

Сектор з культмасової роботи

The Student’s Council Cultural sector contributes to the artistic development of students.


Sector members:


Starostina R.S. (PC-11-A);

Mykytenko D.V. (PC-12-A);

Kryven’ A.O. (PC-13-A);

Lut T.O. (PC-14);

Myronenko K.I. (PC-14);

Bezotosna A.D. (PC-21-A);

Marchenko N.O. (PC-22-A);

Rubel’ A.R. (PC-23-A);

Shwaytser A.A .(PC-24);

Vyshnya D.A. (PC-31-A);

Nos O.Yu. (PC-32-A);

Kovtun S.V. (PC-33-A);

Kolpak M.S. (PC-34);

Ovakimyan Z.A. (PC-42-A);

Nosulchak E.V. (PC-43-A).

The main functions of the cultural sector are:

  • assistance in the organization of cultural events of the college;
  • engaging students in the student’s art;
  • creation of various student’s clubs, societies, associations, clubs of interests;
  • providing information and assistance in organizing campaigns to the theaters, museums, excursions, discos.