Poltava Law College

Direktor-poltavskogo-yuridichnogo-koledzhuPoltava Law College of the Yaroslav Mudryi Law National University established on December 6, 2013 by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1714 with the aim of training highly qualified professionals and for meeting the needs of Poltava and neighboring regions.
The college carries out training of specialists on the specialty “Law”of the educational qualification level of junior specialist in full-time and part-time forms of training. The licensed volume for admission for 2017/2018 academic year is 100 people and 50 people for correspondence form. Reception is carried out: on a day-time forms of training basis on the basic secondary education with a term of 4 years and on the basis of full secondary education with a term of study of 3 years; on correspondence form of studying – on the complete secondary education with a term of training of 3 years.
The college is located in the modern educational buildings, equipped with well-organized lecture halls, classrooms, computer labs, library with reading rooms, sports and fitness centers, swimming pools, outdoor sports facilities for playing football and volleyball, treadmills and more. Nutrition of students is carried out in own cafe-dining room.
Students are provided with a modern hotel-type dormitory.
In the college, the circular work of both the scientific direction and the creative one is actively developing. Students are constantly involved in the work of scientific conferences, round tables, literary cafes. Their work is published in scientific publications and periodicals.
For developing creative abilities in the college there are dance groups «Calliente fuego», «Lady dance», working in the areas of modern – contemporary, reggaeton, and in folk style – dance group “Slavic circle”. Theatrical studio of the college “New Century” gives the opportunity to be trained both oratory and actor’s skills. In addition, classes of the vocal ensemble “Edelvans” take place.
Sport is an integral part of the training at the Poltava Law College. Students take part in various sports competitions. Football, basketball, tennis teams are created.
Students’ self-government is actively working at the college. Participation in the work of the Student ‘s Council of an educational institution makes it possible to develop leadership skills and leads to responsible decision-making. College’s Information Editorial sector of the Student’s Council provides publishing the newspaper «PLCN» (Poltava Law College News), which is filled with materials as a work of the Student ‘s self-government and student’s life in general.
Entry Poltava Law College to the common training center of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University provides a real opportunity to implement level education of educational qualification of junior specialist through an undergraduate degree to a master’s degree. Graduates of Poltava Law College will be able to continue their education at the third course of the Poltava Law Institute and other faculties and institutes of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.
Phone: (0532) 56-01-42
Director – Starostina Lyubov Leonidivna