Poltava Professional College NLU Yaroslav Mudryi


The college is located in the modern educational buildings, equipped with well-organized lecture halls, auditoriums, computer labs, library with reading rooms, sports and fitness centres, swimming pools, outdoor sports facilities for playing football and volleyball, treadmills and more. Nutrition of students is carried out in own cafe-dining room.


Students are provided with a modern hotel-type dormitory.


In the college, the circular work of both ways the scientific direction and the creative one, which is actively developing. Students are constantly involved in the work of scientific conferences, round tables, literary cafes. Their work is published in scientific publications and periodicals.



For developing creative abilities of our students in the college take place choreographic groups, which work in many different modern styles. Sport is an integral part of the training at the Poltava Law College. Students take part in various sports competitions. Football, basketball, tennis teams are also created.

Students’ self-government is actively working at the college. Participation in the work of the Student ‘s Council of an educational institution makes it possible to develop leadership skills and leads to responsible decision-making. College’s Information Editorial sector of the Student’s Council provides publishing the newspaper «PLCN» (Poltava Law College News), which is filled with materials as a work of the Student ‘s self-government and student’s life in general. Moreover, there is an educational and practical laboratory “Legal Clinic” Lex Qourum “, which conducts free legal education activities. Student counsellors and teacher-coordinators provide free legal advice to anyone who needs legal assistance.


The college emphasizes on training specialists on the specialty 081 “Law” of the educational qualification level “Junior Specialist” through the Bachelor’s degree to the Master’s degree. Graduates of Poltava Law College have an opportunity to continue their educational process on preferential terms at Poltava Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, as well as other universities and faculties of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.


Phone: (0532) 56-01-42


Headmistress: Lyubov Starostina